10 December, 2018


Unlearning my life,
you ought to become a poet
in the dominion of words.

Wade the cool waters.
Your concepts become clear
I will give you a call from the boat
in deep sea.

Ah, this was embryonic
pain to bear the rape of truth.
This poverty's debt will
never be paid back.

Too far, the horizon
sinks in the arms of moon.
The condensed tears will―
read their own story.

The contours of broken
life will change.

Satish Verma

The Eternal Itch

One eyed closed
I would never know you.
Tormented― you have
to come out of your skin.

Time-lapses backward.
I draw the boundary
on sands to invite the invisible.
I know you would never come.

I shake hands with moon
in green valley of begonias.
There is no roof, no sky.
Only colored foliage of dreams.

Like deaf and dumb weavers
singing an autumn song.
Cuckoo will sing no more.
Tapestry was badly ruined.

Do butterflies laugh?

Satish Verma

09 December, 2018

Stretching The Wrinkles

To get a feel of
love for the jinx, unwrapping
the gift of dying.

I will not touch you, but
will catch your voice
and stop aging.

Come anonymously at
dusk and light the moon.
I will wait for you in dark.

Who was the criminal
in giving away the skin
of black moments?

One day behind the moon,
I will meet you
somewhere in storm.

At the centre
of gravity lies the ignominy
of black hole. Come and
let's make new stars.

Satish Verma

Hold Your Breath

Something was always
missing. I wouldn't
recognize me.

In my quietism,
I dig out the words, that
would give me otherness.

The ocean accepts
the martyrs of woody frames.
Fuel was not sufficient
to burn them.

Moon sizzles in
black fumes. Pure cotton
was needed to make wicks.
There will be a night vigil.

Where the crowd assembles.
I will present the thoughts
of a wandering soul
of unknown prophet.

Satish Verma

08 December, 2018

Subtractive Pains

Today you are a king
in sunlight, stalking the moon
in rainy dark night.


Staying innocent―
in pursuit of happiness,
living with wolves, beasts.


dawn, before sun rises to
melt down your dreams.

Satish Verma

Half Sinned

We will talk about
life and death, standing on
the track in dark.


Do not reach anywhere
untouching spots on hands
where sparks kindle.


Do you want to wash
out your sins, kissing the
black rocks of moon?

Satish Verma

07 December, 2018

Black Dreams

open your palm for me to
print my signature.


You look straight
through me to find a mirror
reflecting moon.


The thoughts don't
die, playing a game with
a second suicide.

Satish Verma