31 December, 2013


The father and child
Will not talk to
Each other.
There was a dispute.
Who was father?


Sometimes I wake up
In a dream, looking up
In your eyes.
Was it dark or moonlight?


Why you need to nurse
A pain? We will jump
In a river of inferno,
And drown together!

Satish Verma

30 December, 2013


When it is a moonless
Night, you
Start repeating yourself
Like a parakeet.


Give me a call, when
You are distressed, I
Will come as a cloud
To read your eyes.


A rain drop
On the tip of
A thorn.
Are you crying?

Satish Verma

29 December, 2013


When the rage
will not find an exit.
Would you come to
share my grief?


We left our bones,
our souls behind;
to remind the word;
it was a booby-trap.


There was a gun debate
all the times. To kill
or not to kill the
fantasies in infancy.

Satish Verma

27 December, 2013


Answers remain elusive.
Stains were on shirt:
You went on wiping-
away the mirror.

biologically, he wanted
to get it changed.
The pecking order.

You were trying to
move away,
from yourself. Death
was the missing link.

Was it indecent
to start the self-inventory?
You start dancing
on the inaudible music.

Satish Verma

26 December, 2013


near a waterfall?
Why did you leave your footwear
on the bank?

A women
turns into a snake.
Would you call
a snake charmer?

the moon was not sighted.
How can I start
my drink of elixir?

Satish Verma

23 December, 2013

A Short Journey

Death after:
In a decisive moment,
you abduct a

Of insular world,
to explore
the ethereal beauty
of nothingness.

Melting like a big
chunk of glacier,
watching the civility
of a nude.

You will never
forget me. My alchemy
the golden nuggets.

Satish Verma

22 December, 2013


My palm,
collects the dark energy.
Reversing the code, I
am not going for a big crunch!

Who wants to reclaim
the thunder from the spent
cloud? A pristine pure,
hot and wetted moon,

will never decide the fate.
Tonight I am going to drift
intentionally towards the
antigravity. Your eyes are

going to become epicenter
of a quake. A desire had
hundred moons. The galaxy
was vast and deep. The

world was still revolving
around the phallic symbols,
altering the walking pace
of the ruins.

Satish Verma

21 December, 2013


Eels apart-
would you like to greet
the squid?

from the mud
of quotes?

Epic was being
written, for the sake of the
sunken ship.

There was no pretext.
It was a brazen
assault on the delta.

The clash, the skirmish
will never end.
I am going to meet

the needless,
who had refused
to stitch the wounds.

Satish Verma

20 December, 2013


Exfoliated, I come to you,
to scratch the blighted
palace of the body, where
a god lived once.

Dervish, when did you stop
whirling? The tomb is gone,
the shroud tattered. I am
collecting the withered roses.

It rips open, the black fruit
showing the bleeding stone.
How did I believe, the tiniest
particle will create the universe.

The tree was felled scattering
the seeds. An unsure hand,
pulls on the leash and sets
the entrapped animal free.

Satish Verma

19 December, 2013


Holding the thread,
I catch you in midstream.
A moon was watching.


The summer sends
the salt. You start licking
the red beans.


Let me fold
your hands. I am planting
the wild kisses.

*Again for Gustav Klimt.

Satish Verma

18 December, 2013

On The Annıversary Of Gustav Klimt

I had started the fight.

I asked you to stay away
to interpret my integrity
of slaying the desire.

The sand will send the horse
back to home
without the rider.

A genuine poem will find
the coarse beach where the
body had left the bloody patch.

Should we ask the waves
not to cross our path
carrying a carcass of a dead fish?

Your profile was making
an arch for a perfect kiss
for the sake of a mirror.

Satish Verma

17 December, 2013


The kiss of a flame,
after the perfect


The geometry
ignites the ice.
It falls, fiery particles.


The space shrinks.
Glided slope.
How can you stop?

Satish Verma

16 December, 2013


Ah, coexisting. The
infinite, with a small
blue bird.


In moonlight
I was waiting
for the cloud.


Remembering your
full lips.
Almost tripped.

Satish Verma

15 December, 2013


Do not maneuver the
golden night.
Moon will rise in
defiance of dew.


This world will
not say a word.
The dialogue of moonlight
with sand will continue.


I throw a stick in
the river. I am going
back to my ancient
fear of Karma. 

Satish Verma

09 December, 2013

Unpouring Grief

Between you and me
there was no sound.
In oneness, I reached
your peaks.

It was a naked bloom
of jasmines. I smell the
duality. Would you come
for a rendezvous?

Pure as a glacier fall,
the silver-dark of moonless
night, I was waiting
for the ripples.

The bells, blue bells, start
echoing the cries. It was
not a kill. The invisible
was executed.

Satish Verma

08 December, 2013


Bleeding the sea
For brown seaweeds.
I was trading the tides.

Talking me blind;
Kissing on my face,
O moon, you were reading
the dark earth.

To awaken me.
I prick my fingers to collect
The fractured thoughts.
The ospreys were expected-

To land for laying eggs.
I will seed the clouds,
To bring in rains, to
Wash the stains.

Satish Verma

07 December, 2013

Becomıng Oneself

I was searching the self,
in truth of life.

It leaves many
questions, unanswered.
There was import-

of risqué. The generated
heat would kill
ordinary answers.

You can tear up,
a mountain to release
the particles,

although invisible.
You stretch out your hands
to collect black currants.

For a kick-start
you start shouting.
I am the truth!

Satish Verma

03 December, 2013


You want to cover
the great distance,
between you and lost innocence.

The imploded silence
will speak of
great murders.

I was going down-
the stairs,
to dig out the skeletons-

from the latched, oak
chest. The empty drawers
had the imprints of fallen ancestors.

Soon the eyes will
swell, with salt of
a frozen sea.

Satish Verma

02 December, 2013

Heart Of The Matter

A man,
in the shadow of a child,
walks, for the sake of

The Great Bustard,
was on the brink of
extinction. Somebody
was not an achiever.

an inborn god in thighs,
for running faster than light,
weightless, faceless.

Dust will take,
dust for the dark matter
sequencing a disaster.
The animal within roars.

Satish Verma