31 August, 2013


Violence unalloyed.
I want you to hear
the noise, light and blast.

Shrouded inside,
a chandelier breaks
in splinters of hymns-
all enveloping. In the positional
vertigo, you hit the nail.
I call it quits, undating
a curve, an arch.

It was incomplete. They will parade
the victim naked, because she was
raped. Why did she let loose
the testosterones?

Walking ferns and
wish bone.
The inmate wants nothing.
She has come to stay in dark
till the sun unrises.

Satish Verma

30 August, 2013

Ending War

Lashed together
for a better tomorrow,
ending war of words.

Heralding the new
moon I sacrifice
my becoming age

I will sleep now
on hawthorns in bleeding
flames of forest.

Satish Verma

29 August, 2013


After the organic death
of soaked breast,
I put up tiny islands of eyes
in spooked water.

The dead were coming back
to live on the terrace
amidst the roses
of roof-garden.

I talk to flowers to end
the war. The light was waiting
behind the hills and
birds were ready to sail.

Were you afraid of mother
earth or roaring sky?
The corpses are standing in row
to receive the mighty wrath.

Satish Verma

28 August, 2013


While peeling
an orange I think of
you all time.

Walking in ruins
I pick up peonies
in grass, for you.

Dewy-eyed you
call for a knife in night.
It was full moon.

Satish Verma

27 August, 2013


When life is done
and parrots are gone;
take me to the canal.

All life lived in small
footprints. There were eponyms
all the way.
When the name is done
and wigs are gone;
take me to the canal.

The kids had guns, when
you were hacked. You wrote
for yourself one beautiful elegy.
When the road was done and
stones were gone;
take me to the canal.

In one blue moon, one another day,
a journey will start in
elephant grass. They were hiding
behind the bush. When pink and white
I will unfurl a flag
take me to the canal.

Truth handbound in jail for a crime
I will dig a grave for you.
Take me to the canal.

Satish Verma

26 August, 2013


I write a song
for you which you will
not find in book.

The butterfly waits
for the bud to open its
secret of colors.

Did you taste
the tears of the sky ever
in a purple dawn?

Satish Verma

25 August, 2013

Bouquet Garni

A golden fish in
blue waters, with many eggs,
collecting the sperms.

Haiku in sun-
light was the essence of
the daydreaming.

The lost road in
bamboos comes out
as solitary song.

Satish Verma

24 August, 2013


Was there any option left?
Violence was there,
evil existed in pacifism.

Signature flora demonstrates
the mental poise.
I call for the imperfections.

In blue mood, I kill the moon
and take a walk on the cinders.
Will you give me a hand?

There was no path left,
but the trees were walking on beach.
The war will never end

between the genders. The
secret of butterfly catcher
was buried long ago.

From a childhood into the -
forest of lies, it was a long
journey losing the scents.

Satish Verma

23 August, 2013


He nearly jumped
from the cliff shrinking back to
the old avatar.

Crossing the dawn in
winter of life for a gift
of the autumn.

It never ends for-
the tears, which lighten up
the candle in dark.

Satish Verma

22 August, 2013


In ascending numbness
you can think clearly at night
and see the half-moon throwing
the silhouettes in dim light.
I suffer in my poems,
foretelling of a sinking flame
insulting the roots.
The rising failure, like visitation
of Icarus shooting from the surface
in pain. An answer without questions
erupts wearing a death-mask. Was
it a speculation of claustrophilia
carrying a prism? The marbled
globes are melting. The danger
was evident,
you can smell it.

Satish Verma

21 August, 2013


Blood - mother, go
to moon and ask for a
spoon of silver.

Am still waiting.
Siege was unstable.
Austerity ends.

I am free now
to dance in skin of night,
shedding my shirt of dirt.

Satish Verma

20 August, 2013


The point was, he had swallowed
the pawn.
The world rips apart
and ultimate wintering
sets in.

Shy of one truth,
the hour of reckoning demands
the blood facts.
You could have destroyed
me if I were to sing.

There were no crisis. Dismemberment
went on to squeeze honey
from the hapless victims chanting
Hail Mary.
I sizzled in vain.

Choking on your trumped up
victory, you will break in the house
to find the silver god stolen from
a golden mantel.

You climb on a tall tree and
then disappear in clear blue.

Satish Verma

19 August, 2013


It was a severed finger
in an envelope,
which wrote the letter
of consent.

Oh, my father
I am still crying
with loss of words
and figures.

Past the hills
I sent the secret of
my poems which did not tell
me the name of knife-

that was put in my back
by my unknown
brothers of shame. I will
now bleed all life.

It was only an
apology. I will still
walk with my toes drawing
the stripes of welts.

Satish Verma

18 August, 2013


The camellias.
Catch the witch on the pole:
A spring was here.

Sweep the road.
The exhibitionist
will put up a show.

Monsoon tours
the landscape amidst blows
from the rooftops.

Satish Verma

17 August, 2013


Waiting for a birthing pool
to throw up a dream chaser
nestled in chains.

The grip was easing out
on sun, stung by moon.
Asteroids start hitting again.

The runaway tiger had
turned cannibal, to practice
a new escapology.

A spiral of smoke
rises after the hunt.
You throw the glances back.

Someone will put a knife
in the tulips. Take home
the colours of death.

The celebration starts today.
Children of a bubble have
come out on the road.

Satish Verma

16 August, 2013


On lotus leaf
a frog sits meditating-
the parenthood.

Fetal coaxing,
was on trial. Will you
come to witness?

A premature
death of a dream. Who
was responsible?

Satish Verma

15 August, 2013


Absolutely sapped out
I will unfurl
my flag today.

It was a raw wound
of nuanced statements in dark
when the moon fell in lake.

Talking to butterflies
as I take on the genre
of brainstormed hibiscuses.

It rained again in my
courtyard, wetting the
marbles and my eyes.

Take away the roof from
over my head. I have
come to meet the frozen tears.

The enormous guilt now
haunts the vacant eyes, why I didnot
accept the voluptuous breast of death.

Satish Verma

14 August, 2013


The fireflies
wait for the lights to go.
Dancing in the dark.

Breast of moon
does not dazzle. Sexing
had stopped tonight.

Birds will not come
in the garden. The flowers
refuse to sway.

Satish Verma

13 August, 2013

A Handful

There was peace
without scapegoats.
It was a monopoly. A prelude to a kiss
of insanity. Unzipped between foibles
and forte lies the sanity.
The path will know the sex
sans flowers.

That was the outer side of
fence in the cattle shed, where
the panther had left the half-chewed
leg of a young girl. The naked
model denies the sanctity
and starts talking aloud about the
flying insects.

It was worthless
the travesty of truth. Everybody
wants a share in mining.

Satish Verma

12 August, 2013

Rambling Roses

Slightly indecently
the moon was sleeping
beside me in the dark room.
There was a shift in the stance
of window. No wind either was
coming, nor going.

Should you be calling me for an
interview, be aware of the bipolar
mood swings of weather. Sometimes
it is hot, sometimes it was freezing.
If you have a sharp knife, download
it in spirit.

The tribes are fighting for drugs,
money, land and withdrawl syndrome.
There may be a toss for a run-off. A rendezvous
with tulips will make a big start. I am
tired of paparazzo. There should not be
a slide show -
of truth and lies. The situation is very
catastrophic. Whosoever wins will not
bring drinking water to parched lips
and light to dark books. Take me to
last resort of pain. I am going to sleep.

I stand tonight before the moon
and commit suicide in a beehive.

Satish Verma

11 August, 2013


In starless night to-
think of you, watching the
moon dying away.

Downy mildew on lips,
like the secret killing
without a sword.

encounter with a spark
for honey-bee.

Satish Verma

10 August, 2013


I will not play
for you,
in burning shadows.

Bribing the body
to sequester the soul
via ripping steel-

of a blade of grass.
He stopped at the door
for a short while -

to sharpen the proboscis
for blood and dogma
of a fake country.

Cannot pardon me.
I will present to you
my earth, as cow.

Satish Verma

09 August, 2013


Under anesthesia
the elixir drips from the language
of poor and you come out
from the blue sea
holding a red lotus
between the teeth. The
sweet words take me to the
fire and smoke where
was a mangled corpse of a meaning.
The power of people now shows
the people of power.

You cannot read the signs
and arrows. The acid burns will
give the dying statement. Those
who doused the flames should
be punished.

Satish Verma

08 August, 2013


The flame tree
burns again my house
of cards in jungle.

Sometimes, things.
Float without air
touching you.

I watch a moon
rise like a fear
from blue window.

Satish Verma

07 August, 2013


Why the jasmine was
now becoming sensual?
Drummer was dead.

The blackbird comes
again to sing bluesy.
Clouds on moon?

Economy of love?
Will you bargain the
delta for stone?

Satish Verma

06 August, 2013


I am giving you up
for a delusion-
of being watched all the time.
The retrieval of a poem
must start now.

A mannequin was defiled at dawn.
The puppets on a string
were dancing whole night-
for a born loser.
A lemon without an escort
has become a tree.

A living corpse, after
the acid attack. Give me some
water to wet the lips. I am
going to confess all the
sins of a weak man.

Let there be a face-off
between a river and a bridge.

Satish Verma

05 August, 2013


This was
a catastrophic state.
I had started
questioning myself.

The scientia implodes.
You swallow the pill
and become fluid.

A clock stops
I would be angry,
if the hands don't catch
the numbers.

Ancient pain.
You open the door
and light disappears.

I will draw
your face on sand
and then kill
the wind.

Satish Verma

04 August, 2013


There was insurgency-
in white night.
Moon will stay to witness

the murder
of a golden leaf.
What was the promise of a ripe
language? The yellow thrust?
Keeping a date with death was not all important.

There were
lots of poems to be underlined,
preened and straightened. The dirt had
accumulated. A metaphor
will remove the stains.

Any confession will
take away the mystry. Who killed
the nothing?

the apples were crashing.

Satish Verma

03 August, 2013


Meet a gender bender.
There was a precocious

A cryptogamic kinship.
Someone writhes

A god writes a hymn
on the chest of
a new born baby.

Beyond the origins
lies a marbled tale.
You have reached nowhere.

Inflammable was
the blue birthmark.
There was an arrival.

Satish Verma

02 August, 2013


The prescience
plays a bellwether role
on the path of light.

Come and share
with me the moment of truth:
victory of unknown.

You say truism
will fail one day in
fire and smoke.

Satish Verma

01 August, 2013


Words are mine.
Otherness will prevail.
I will call you.

Faraway in dark
I will wake up in arms
of a feeling.

A little yellow-
bird has made her home
in the glass window.

Satish Verma