30 April, 2012


It was a removed behavioral aspect 
of a vivisection; 
the moon had left 
the grey anatomy of earth. 

yes the system shows 
sheer lunacy. The prudence 
was chasing a smoke. 

A long winged golden eagle 
soars high for a prey of short limbs. 
The opaque ankles 
will not take the victim very far. 

A cut-glass vase will have 
an unrelenting rose, who was not 
responsible for crucification, 
like hawthorns.

Satish Verma

26 April, 2012

The Ritual

Being observed, 
makes you feel undressed, naked. 
A linear, ramp rage 

Pieces of time 
fall in your mouth. You start behaving 
erratically. Hawthorne effect? 
You know how sharp, stout 
are the stings? 

Testicles shrink. 
The unrelenting zero burns the fat. 
The emptiness was howling. 
Time was dying, 
and dying was time.

Satish Verma

24 April, 2012

No Rescue

Civil war: 
Again you are visiting 
the childhood.A green pond. 

Smoke filled eyes ask, what 
was a home? 

A black city of white hills. 
You were climbing on dreams 
to reach a baby moon. 

And the night 
was very long, like a bad name 
you cannot spell. 

The anthills, fireflies and 
snakes. You are still lost 
in cobwebbed age. 

After books there were no other 

Satish Verma

19 April, 2012


Prepare the bed 
of the liquid art, 
where the ice will kiss the fire. 

Can you climb on the flames 
to know the truth 
of a molten lava? 

Who killed the desire 
to enter the frozen god 
of revenge? 

Alas, I will go back 
to the wounded pride. 
I will not sell my home of curse. 

The innocent breast 
of the moon, 
has kindled the blaze again.

Satish Verma

16 April, 2012


The vertical thought had 
jumped on the moon 
without any qualms. 

Do you think, the dreams 
will sell to man 
these butterflies. 

The ants were waiting 
for the death of the lamb 
wandering in the neighbour’s field. 

O God, how long we will 
drink this potion 
of the stone catchers?

Satish Verma

13 April, 2012


It slithers, the tongue 
trying to find 
the rage on cold words. 

A window 
shuts on fire for a deliberate 
withdrawl from conflicts. 

The virgin iron 
becomes a corpse 
under the golden 
amnesia of hot greens. 

The colors are changing 
on face 
and the silky grass of paradise.

Satish Verma

09 April, 2012


The town was 
It does not listen to me 
that moribund heart, now. 
The biome was ready 
to set on fire all the smiles. 

No person of god 
will lead the prayers to grave. 
Let the dust meet the dust 
stealthly and 
you win the script surreptitiously. 
Beautifully done, the obscene death. 

A bruise spreads 
shattering the mirrors of perfect accident.

Satish Verma

07 April, 2012


It was a lingering goodbye 
for anchor moon 
after a religious embrace. 
I bid farewell 
in the chilling night 
for a song of separation. 

Where the beginning ends 
into a house of distillation. 
Blasphemy, where did you find 
the anatomy of truth? Mortality 
demands a long 
journey of tender age in prayers of sprouts. 

The eloquence of dictionary 
expects the price of hoofs 
to stay with otherness.

Satish Verma

04 April, 2012


Not contentious 
I will put you in moon 
for another rain. 

The invisible sex 
ticks the gravity of mouth 
that eats the murder. 

My body becomes an emperor 
even for the dust. 
Not the naked cloud. 

Blood colors the name 
of a sad priest. 
Who defied a smelling god. 

A pig burrows in snow 
to unwrap a gift. 
It was a strip tease.

Satish Verma

01 April, 2012


you want to shut the book 
and bring out the darkness from bleached words 
of a lonely march of the tree. 
How to think or not to think 
drinking the wine of pain? 

Baby, do not go into the river. 
The alligators will celebrate your birthday 
by climbing on you for a purple bath. 
Today the sun will not rise from Styx. 
An anonymous author will steal a gun 
and make a hole in head. 

A black tulip in snow bleeds red 
for a fallen sky and dies to ask some 
uncomfortable questions.

Satish Verma