18 May, 2011


They will not come down 
with branding iron and bobbing stings. 
we will walk down the earth, 
to meet the silence 
in half-lit homes of enemies. 

This poverty 
of pause 
and peeling off from giants of 
fences. I send a green rose to you 
from trembling hands, 
to smell the death of half-truths. 

The bridge has collapsed. 
We start digging up for the bodies 
beyond curtain of bricks and stones, 
the iron-grids of flower gates.

Satish Verma

14 May, 2011


Lead me into, the green darkness, under 
the nude flames. 
It was hurting; the golden sun. 

Out of full moon, werewolves would 
come out 
chasing the flesh, the long limbs 

of silence, in asci of fluids, stopped 
in tracks. 
No seed will grow now in wilderness. 

My extended shade becomes anarchic 
if fleetingly. 
A miracle falling like a hurricane.

Satish Verma

11 May, 2011


It is autumn 
grapes are bleeding. 

The orange color 
seeps into your eyes. 
Will you shut the green lids? 

start reading backward. 
Atavistic instinct 
to dig up the severed hands? 

Your house, 
in the flower bed. 
Seeds were crying.

Satish Verma

10 May, 2011


Be with me 
in this zone of pain. 
My poems was walking 
through me. 

The flute I broke, 
in the river of silence. 
Someone was whispering 
to me in sleep. 

Why this desire of awakening 
in darkness, 
when light was waiting 
at the window?

Satish Verma

07 May, 2011


go undivine 
with me and remain untouched, 
in dwindling love of faith. 

A forerunner of nothingness 
in a theological mess, 
breaking the mirrors 
in a slaughter house, finding 
a god. 

Collecting ruins of sounds, 
veils, traversing the fecundity 
of words, phrases. 

Night was encroaching upon. 
You hear the destruction of lianas. 
Hold your wings 
and listen to your blood, threadbare.

Satish Verma

04 May, 2011


Unsown peaks of fear 
under aggression. 
I ask you to make a choice 
between I and inventing yourself. 

I will not abandon the tree: 
the animal, renunciation. 
The belief and emptiness 
will find symbols of foreverness. 

Ephemeral colors; 
Leaves will fall one day. 
Someone was translating 
the text of confidence. 

One day, 
the miracle shakes the cosmos 
sap climbs up in darkness.

Satish Verma