28 February, 2011


Living between the deaths 
as a witness 
to a silence between the words. 

Leaves had fallen: 
yet a dry tree 
was still flowering exuberantly 
under a scorching sun. 

My day has come, 
but I was far away from 
shores of the other body. 

From unknown to unknown, 
I am the self, 
I am the known.

Satish Verma

22 February, 2011


Fear grips a family of words. 
You are going to where you do not want 
to go. 
I remain worried about the unknown. 

The inevitable was flowering 
on dead palms. 
Would you exhume the past to find out, 
what the divinity has buried 
along the panicles of croci? 

I do not understand this war 
between glaciers and guns. 
Can we drink together the elixir 
of death dripping from the snow peaks? 
Sun was screaming from the unblooming trees.

Satish Verma

17 February, 2011


Blood was in season, 
on your hands. 
A staged encounter 
mauling the clouds. 

Into a hare, you put the lead 
with a roar of gun 
and sun wants his share. 

Beneath the honours 
lies the guilt 
of a ravaged moon. 

I will not walk again 
on the bristles of power. 
Uncanny love lies in state.

Satish Verma

11 February, 2011


Cutting across the food wars 
against adamant century 
do you think we will become extinct in this 
uncool climate? 
The dying windows do not throw any light. 
I fear in dark alone. 

The earthworms are nibbling 
at history of mankind. 
wearing the ash of dead rivers. 
Between the same words 
god disappears 
and what is left is the image of broken 

Why don’t you set the birds free 
and break the cage of knowledge? 
The searing heat of arguments 
will find the golden silence.

Satish Verma

02 February, 2011


On wrong side of truth 
a prophecy burns. 
A conflict of your own choosing 
when more was less. 

Do you need some divine 
intervention in resolving 
human questions? 

The innocence of a sunflower 
will not blame the moon 
for dark night. 

To watch a huge fig tree 
coming out of a tiny 
seed to give shelter 
to hundreds of passersby. 

Are you overwhelmed 
by the promise of unproven 

Satish Verma