31 December, 2009


Moon-scented I walk in dark
to put me back in place,
opening the inner casket for a glow.

Pleading not guilty
after killings in bed, of affectionate
kill of lies, a black widow
romps around with a flag of morality.

Was it a systemic swallowing
of a bait put up by a shipwreck?
The bodies were flowing in a row
in caldron of acrimony.

Satish Verma


A brush with pain of chest
starts recalibrating the fog of eyes.
World has come a long way

from a child’s brain to prepare
an indigenous bomb
for a roaring ascent.

Where my son, you want to go
in trees of words? The temperatures
are rising to widen the scope

of violence. Every one was
claming to be a terrorist
for bringing the peace on earth.

let the party begin.

Satish Verma


Did you foresee it? It was coming.
The freaked guilt of failed attempt
to get yourself kissed by a flame in the
androgynous temptation of dark.

One legitimate delay in dying of moon’s
tears? The weather had fizzled out during wild
winds and the summer was slowly starting a
whispering campaign against the clouds.

My enemy for sweet revenge will not
halt the attack.A bouncing vision will
start the fire engulfing the singing
trees of drenched art. The floods of intimatcies
were coming.

Satish Verma


Ignite the barren clay, I need
some rare elements
to tie a thread to the moon.
Upstaging the sun.

Not aspirational he was stripped
to become radical
like the dark blood of a white soul.

Pentadactylous was losing the big toes
under the burning skies
of unmindful eyes. The system

was collapsing. One premature
innocence dies defore the guilt
was proved, in the howling night of terror.

He unrolls the thighs to show the stitched
corn. The seeds step out to prove
the adolescence of crime.

Satish Verma


A pristine smoke was pointing
the where of pawns
abetting the glacial runaway.

he was the last man on the stairs
ready to jump in the lake –

when night arrives.
Now this was the tipping point
to stand erect

where the tongue was wasting away,
The death staged a drama
of a feel up of young buds

in a virgin garden.
The key breaks the lock
and darkness prevails.

Satish Verma


Homecoming under the moon
devoid of pain.
When did the clock turned back?
You are becoming a child.

My journey opens
in a dark wound.
A promise to walk blindfolded,
when only the footfalls are audible.

The distance between the homes
was increasing.
Your own shadow becomes a stranger:
mystery of defining the life.

Living among cannibals,
aides ready to drag your carcass
unfolding your truth
falling in dust.

Satish Verma


You start abbreviating the pretention,
caring for the end of a perennial revenge –
of slain truth, finding depth in arguments
which will spawn more violence.

Come my friend, come. Sit with me.
Let us search together the solitary
death in living past. Ultimate space was
a great deception of the eternal silence.

Clayey mood again depicts the pain
between your moons. I go for a play in dust
of time. The beats of heart will not wear
a sword now.

One hope finds a moon-belt on the hills
where the shadows walk with stars.
I will wait for the sun to rise.

Satish Verma


A thirsty town fails, harvesting the moon,
and turns into a vast lake of tears.
They were fighting for their right to remain
poor and hungry. It was a fractured
amnesia in the pit of flesh.

Was it a pink rose? No one had planted
a kiss on the lips of a thorn. An unbuttoned
triangle snaps the cold and opens the thighs
of a tulip valley. Drop by dropp honeydew
dances into a hairy lap.

The shooting stars go into trance, multiply
the intimate minutes and indulge in
sprouting the horns. The longest night feels
betrayed and beseeches foremothers to
conceive again.

Satish Verma


Unfettered for a little while, I was
catching the sleep visitor. It hurts
when the dream ends and a poem starts.
An eucalyptus, drinking lots of water, throwing the aroma
incensing the air, I pick up the fallen seeds of light
in winter solstice, befriending the home traumas.

Fireflies leave the scorched marks of daydreaming.
I talk to moon for sometime and leave my address
with him. Tomorrow he will come to inherit the
pain. I wanted a sunless garden to commit
the sin of forgetting you. The night will find
me undying till eternity.

In my words I carry the charred remains
of time which smells the hunger of tomorrow.

Satish Verma


You tend to ostracize the apparition
setting the real culprit free. It does not matter
to pretend now, a damaged house
has become a burden.

Who was playing the enmity card?
Hammered, eyes wide open I start documenting
the deceit of a parrot flower. Your past
had become the shackles, not the road map
of family.

An enormous hate was buried in your trees.
O death-trap, the bees will not come to your
flowers. Your gifts are lying around me
unattended. I will ask no more any pardon.

The moon has walked away. My sky
was unanswerable. The theater will play
another star-crossed brand names.

Satish Verma


Diplomacy of inconstancy
unmeets the urgency. Aura
of brilliance was falling in your feet.

After the death, it was not a name,
only a frozen body.We moved backward
swiftly, to find out the footprints in dark.

Winter was becoming harsh and
less meaningful. A weak muscle brokers
a peace for dewdrops on rose petals.

I become an earlier story, failed.
Pick up the moon rocks
and start throwing them at sun.

Satish Verma


O pink horse, O timeless sun,
run on my body, run. Black magic
had pierced the needles into my heart.

Lying on nails to wrest a superearth
from amnesty, I start bandaging the bruised
ethos of my native conscience –

on the spike of a violence, refusing
to give up my home to fire, tending
the voiceless flora of a virgin rock.

The questions stand up, against
the black walls of silence. The blue birds
are going to fly in white desert.

Satish Verma

19 December, 2009


Will the shouts work
on blood seeds in climate of conflicts?
Winter was shrinking.

Give me a hand.
I am going to invite clouds softly.
Let the drumming start.

War has broken out
on many fronts
for a god, for the grains

and for the golden gates.
Where shall we plant
the sacred tulsi?

You need a holy soil for that.
The transliteration of a famished lake
throws a foul smell.

Will you be able to walk
on the ice again?
Outside the climate of change?

Satish Verma


Half-buried in a mud pit,
a polluter bares all, body and soul.
Hands bound, ready to be stoned
to death.

A god was going to kill a god.
A dense judgement of planet green
of an unreliable sun
scribbling a code of conduct.

My god, I will go insane.
Save my woods I say. How can
be the adam was so naked running
in a race gene altered?

My arthritic fingers again lift
a mansion of gold leaves, dissolving
the sky.

Satish Verma


A stunning hurl of androids
on command, pulled by empty space when
a talking primate decides
the course of universe.

A non-existent living
from moment to moment prepares
a moon man to jump into religion
for salvation.

The wedding of tin sliced,
dumping bodies, of forsaken brides
of gloom, widens the want of rocks
and people give a black-lipped approval.

A plane load of hand grenades
and missiles and rocket launchers
nourish the smug ideas of a watershed
on the discovery of self.

Satish Verma


Audacity to live with your demons,
putting up a fake love belief,
who was the time,
of that dark night? Distinctly alive to what
I was not just putting up the shades of death
into nothingness of peace in war.

Searching for self in capacious hope,
was it the half-light of a moon,
slipped on the words of a hoisted grief?
A wild truth was better than silken ribbons
of fabricated lies. I am tired of playing
games on the turf of synthetic desires.

It would be time again, for what was time,
encapsulated in crazy dialogues of taking on
a chaste enemy. I will give my life for
a bright red rose in absence of sun, drenched
in fire and burning in dew drops, for the
flowering of melting snow.

Satish Verma


Like black birds
homing in twilight, to the tree
my thoughts make a perfect landing.

I lift the silence in sleep.
A flying snake enters
a pink room.

A bullet pierces the heart.
No acolytes, I will
catch myself the drifting smell

of eternal caress. Basking
in pain I pluck up my
trail in rubble of dreams.

You defy the likeness to god
become poor like an undershirt.
and walk straight.

Satish Verma


Cannot stare
coming on terror radar. Every night there
was Celsius rise in deadpeace. The climate
debt of a dark cloud was changing.

What is going to happen, tell me blindfolded.
We have a never or nothing attitude. The
roads were on edge, grazing under a blood
spinning midnight lamp, like a whipped

up cream of convenient truths. A subterranean
anger was banging against the wailing
wall. We did little in our synchronized
failure. Nobody was going to blink.

A tooth was smashed by a flying missile
of a homegrown myth. The glacier was
shy of a black fire. A holy moon becomes
opaque in white winter.

Satish Verma


Will you save me
when I take the call of the lake?
The swishing depth was inviting me
for a plunge in the purple pool.

How deep was the pain of a mountain?
The domain was again ailing
with subtle rumors of
a massive landslide.

An escaped love of a thorn
was splittimg open the embrace
of me and my mask. Totally denuded,
a face was dusting off all the self-made
marks of inflictions.

Will you walk with me now
up to the stormy night, where I have
a house of candles keeping a vigil
for a coffin of unflowered seeds?

Satish Verma


What was the ethics of homefires
when homeostasis had gone awry?
There were no concrete truths.
I will not wear the lies instead
like fly ash on my bloodied shirt.

The old habits die hard;
the beds of flesh and bones, carry the
strange innocent meanings of heavy
eyelids which could not beat the silk
of green eyes of a sun.

A miracle was needed to undo the
thighs of mermaid who went to sleep on the
rocks of jealousy. The sky-blue flames
rise again from the navel of infidel love
who had inherited the golden moon.

Satish Verma


Blaze was coming to terms
with pyrotechnic cascade.
The dignity was emotionally drained out.

The persona turned to anima,
to find out the answer
for quality verdict.

A rogue mission had flattened
the brain. The piano man was dead
and climate was changing.

The safe, warm and wrapped up
seed, hiding in the mouth of a
drowned moon exploded in the silent

sea of telling thoughts.
A trembling tongue will spurt
out translated earth.

Satish Verma


Managing his guilts to seduce the nocturnes
he left the gray area, surging
with a wandering death on the
half broken stairs –
before a closed gate was put on the pages,
he was trembling like toothed quaking aspen.

The grief of the scarred face,
in a serious midnight syndrome of
invisible slit throat in a long journey manifested
above the waves. Tree was calling again
for immoralism of flowers, quashing
his life.

The brave violence survives the mutilated
dreams.For once the mirror has won
again the onslaught of fingers.

Satish Verma


I was keeping a vigil in holy town
on a water cut. Lucy, Lucy did you have
a dirty mind?

This luciferina, will not tell the truth.
Venus and Venus flytrap had a
parallel birth.

And I was facing the dismembered tragedy
of freedom, unblooded in alien land
of unthinkable prayers.

Where the country will carry my pilgrimage
of fears and apprehensions? I thought,
and therefore I disappeared.

In convoy of great ideas, the escort was
a beautiful god, who went to sleep
when assault came.

Satish Verma


You have put up the price on your shirt.
I have started seeing the return
of the death instinct. The curtain falls
on profile of joy, of giving away.

A solid swelling of clotted ego
of antimatter shows frugality
in spending of laughter. It was
a total consumption of beautiful lips.

That was that, of hollowness of globes
and golden peacocks. A seed of mildew
implants a kiss on the nakedness of greed.
How far the want will go in dark

for the scent of transgression?
Today I am going to meet a blind angel.

Satish Verma


For honour killing
twilight adulates an abstract faith.

Now that mouth was shut
and butterfly was pinned,
will you grow the marigolds?

The empty book was not breathing
in a crowd of words.
The bitter meaning had flown away.

The mountain will cry now
in the absence of birds.
Trees were shedding their leaves.

Satish Verma

02 December, 2009


Do you envision a creeping fear
climbing the minaret
to reach the moon?

A debate has started
between believers and non-believers.
Why not he who lives

in eternal emptiness climbs down
and settles the dispute of hymns
in the scortching heat of words.

I just want you to read
the script and don’t say, a sky
has wept

dropp by dropp on the nakedness
of human beings
who could not cover their shadows.

Satish Verma


a pervasive bareness
walks like an honest lie
on the road to truth the bone white marble
god oversees the planet green’s woes
a climate change of heart its manipulations
its intrigues

something remains unsaid when i look back
i think again before i disappear between
bread and god whosover is stronger
than me i remained unchained distrusting
the rules laid down by hoaxes now i
am not me

i am not a god i am not a thought only
innocence of an unopened bud.

Satish Verma


Only the love-birds will know
it was time of inquisition.
There was a lot of prodding in
the neighbourhood.

A voice without sound
was resenting with guilt-virginity
and the bell tolls
for a zero hour.

The entrusted trust was
still moving off the transparency.
Was it not a weird night?

The newly hatched babies,
jutting out their necks
from their clay homes were
to know the roots of verbs.

Satish Verma

NAKED FREEDOM (A sequel to the massacre of 23rd Nov 09 in Philippines)

Intended to violate
the omnipresent,
stillness unzips the inviolate –

You walk through a legend:
To test the chastity
you need to dip your hand
in a very hot oil.

A sleepless summer night
descends on the hill
violins in dark
lie mutilated.

Hidden tracks will not tell
from where came the pattern
of enemies entering
the bloodied moon.

Satish Verma


Untie the knot, patriarch,
the broken kiss was

The backhoe picks up the
devil, it was within you
when you were casting stone
at the fear.

The pagan was covered
with leaves
raw and pailful;

belief in a thought
was not working,
think, man think.

The system,
the birth of rebirth of sorrow
was the tragedy.

The shaper,
I am, still wandering
to find the words.

* After reading the massacare of 57 people in southern island of Mindanao, Philippines on 23rd Nov 09

Satish Verma


O leviathan,
enter the dark cloud of death
defanging fire,
the mountain wants to shiver.

Sand was slipping from my fists.
I cannot hold the time;
wet eyes
will find another moon.

The milk had dried up in body.
A heart burns like bonfire,
for a heretic. A lone stranger
in a city of wolves.

A bareback beauty sits on the rock
waits for the sea
to bring her the poison. An Aphrodite
will never call for nothing.

Satish Verma


Tangled clues
with sensuous sparring;
the incense was rising from the blue moon.

It was body’s integrity,
a lender was demanding
when lust had become prodigal.

Behind the thin veil, red eyes
stared unblinkingly
at the portrait of a nude zero.

When the light was nodding from a crown
the darkness spat on the feet
which walked on the roses.

A single thorn will not be envious
of the licking fingers.
A dropp of blood will tell the truth.

Satish Verma


When moon was found on water
sky came down with unclenched fist,
too proud to accept the defeat.

Footprints of a giant will not leave
the broken landscape, of the virgin garden
where roses died in a row in storm.

There were no absolutes in good and bad
I have started talking to trees to shed
their blooms, winter was coming in blue eyes.

My ship was able to dodge the icebergs
wringing the waves from your face;
lake heaved a sigh of relief in glided death.

Satish Verma