24 June, 2018

Thinking Deep

Have not we reached
maximus? The perception
lingers on... and on.

Noways. Almost,
caught in the pincers trap.

The handcuffed
blue moon hides his face
after the guilt was washed.

The courtyard was
cleaned off the
stains of the blood tears.

Nihilism was not
mine. You had forced
the sweet tongue in me.

No need to shut
the door. The keeper was
dead. The bell will
not toll for the end today.

Satish Verma

Gods Of Darkness

The disaster had come
to the fore. In harm's way
stargazing was coming―
to an end.

A monster like a hurricane
starts pounding my
poems. The dry ice will
not quench my thrist.

A mid-gender approach
will not differentiate between
noun and pronoun.

The myth of waiting
and reincarnation had
patisan attitude. I am
tired of the make-up beliefs.

You cannot reverse
the clock. Time moves on,
devastating the palaces.
Only the broken pillars
stand in deserts of life.

Satish Verma

23 June, 2018


As if you had kidnapped
my profile to live
just beautifully,
and then be mourned.

To swim, first you
have to dive in a dry pool
of pain. Weird thoughts
like aphids would make young'uns
without mating.

The violence was inborn.
It spurts when your animal
comes out beastly. No
god would come to your rescue.

Thinking must be unstained
when moon drops anchor.

In this lonely sky,
no songbirds are flying.
Only stars are killing each other.

I am burning my fingers again.

Satish Verma

Core Values

A social metaphysicist
wants to know, how
do you speak, standing
under the palm moon?

There would be a redemption,
if you pronounce slowly, one
by one word, without chewing it.
There will be no commentator.

The vertical ascent should
stop, to stay easy, begging the
question. There was
no one path to truth. You have
to find it in brown eyes.

So much to
bite, not being hungry.
Who sells the shells? Somebody
picks up the axe to finish
the job.

Where lies the fault in utopia?

Satish Verma

22 June, 2018

Starting Synchro In Trinity

Tracing a lonely,
fire trail, I will not tell you,
what happened.

The face of religion
was pelted. I was not able
to read the eyes of the animal.

The skin will change
the color in dark. You cannot
correct the tattoos. They
become invisible.

You can answer the visage
of addiction. I was crazy
about the exclusive
claim of my moon.

And you will become
artistic, writing your longing
in air.

Look, from where to
where we have come to
know each other.

Satish Verma

Overtaken By Shadows

You make history,
for not being ego-driven―
but taking in, poison
of blue necks.

I will ask you now,
to come home. This was
an instant hybrid effect.

When you appear in disguises
to conceal your love, I will
know what was your religion.

The flesh and bones revolt. You
tremble and crash like violent
waves on the beach.

The particulars waver.
You want to turn a new leaf,
lighting the earthen lamp at the door.

There was no ending
of night in moving sun eclipse.
I was behind the moon.

Satish Verma

20 June, 2018


Beyond the river
I will meet you one day
as a castaway.

Gently a mystery
resolves. You were my
half-being, uncensored by
quirk of fate.

That was the lost
innocence of a fakir,
who left the palace to
encounter the god.

Nothing to hold on;
the empty boat crashes
at the bank.

You were going to
become a father of unborn
progeny, which will discard
you at the end.

All the white lies had become
black truths.

Satish Verma