16 January, 2019


It is a harmless
bloodbath under the moon,
when you stop moving.

Ripples on cheeks
deepen in the fog, that will
settle on red eyes.

Someone should
lift the burden of life from
the trembling hymns.

Satish Verma


Like flint, I knew,
it won't work from beginning.
I wait for red moon.

A tragedy was to―
happen. So it happened.
Suddenly one day!

Could you halt it,
the engulfing inferno―
blazing the home?

Satish Verma

15 January, 2019

Last Dawn

A tardy spirit, when
you cannot change yourself.
The blue birds laugh.

Most needed was
the economy of words for
the brutal future.

Take my footpath
and walk towards the galaxy
to read human cost.

Satish Verma

Sweet Encounters

The second death
of orange-moon in―
blood, when sun sleeps.

The magic over.
I am tired of mystery to
die in blue light.

Anxiety rises. You
want to become a prophet
after losing esteem.

Satish Verma

14 January, 2019

Ucanny Thoughts

Break the bread.
Someone waits under
evergreen tree.


The tormentor does
not know the angst of falling
palm leaf from the trunk.


I will take goggles
to cover my red eyes from
the glare of iceberg.

Satish Verma

Strange Thoughts

Wash your eyes
with Dusty Miller. You will be
able to read me.


The ritual was to
pick mushroom under your
feet, not to hurt―


on the way to meet
god. Why the violence survives
when blood dries up?

Satish Verma

13 January, 2019

You Walk Like Moon

Mate, I don't know,
how to deceive you in bush.
I was born in sun.


Ardor moves in
orbs, which have no silver.
Only tangents will meet.


Do not define
any kinship between- two
wounded birds in sky.

Satish Verma